Wexford County Drunk Driving Defense

For each Wexford County Drunk Driving case, there are five actions that will ensure you get the best outcome for your case. These five steps will help you avoid jail and save your driver’s license. We get results for our Wexford County Drunk Driving clients.

Review the Bond

When the bond conditions interfere with your employment, your health, or are unduly expensive, Attorney Fragel will petition the Court to change the conditions. For example, daily preliminary breath tests could be changed to random testing, saving you time and money.

Discovery of Evidence

The Prosecuting Attorney is required to provide you a copy of all evidence gathered in your criminal case. Police reports, pictures, witness statements, breath test results, medical records, Crime lab reports – all evidence must be disclosed at the start of the Wexford County drunk driving case. This includes evidence that tends to show you are not guilty.

Evaluate Wexford County Drunk Driving Defenses

Immediately after reviewing the evidence, you need to decide the strongest defense in your Wexford County drunk driving – OWI case. Every Wexford County drunk driving – OWI has its unique defenses that Attorney Patrick Fragel uses to defend your rights.

File Motions

Once you spot the defenses to your Wexford County drunk driving – OWI case, you file pre-trial motions which ask the Court to exclude evidence or dismiss the criminal charges. As a seasoned criminal defense attorney, Patrick Fragel will identify the best pre-trial motions to get the charges dismissed, and keep you out of jail.

Pre-Trial Conference

During the pre-trial conference for your Wexford County drunk driving – OWI case, the Defense Attorney and the Prosecutor review the evidence and defenses. If you have studied the evidence, and sharpened your defenses, then you are ready for a successful pre-trial conference.

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Wexford County Criminal Defense Contacts

  • 84th District Court, 437 East Division Street, Cadillac, MI 49601 231-779-9515
  • 28th Circuit Court, 437 East Division Street, Cadillac, MI 49601 231-779-9490
  • Wexford County Sheriff, 820 South Carmel Street, Cadillac, MI 49601 231-779-9211
  • Wexford County Jail, 820 South Carmel Street, Cadillac, MI 49601 231-779-9217

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