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St Ignace drunk driving charges can cost you your driver’s license, jail time and hefty fines. When you get arrested for drunk driving in St Ignace, these five actions will help you avoid jail and keep your license. A St Ignace drunk driving is very serious. Patrick S. Fragel follows these key steps to build the best drunk driving defense for you.

Review Your Bond Conditions

The purpose setting a bond or “pre-trial release” is to make sure you appear for the St Ignace drunk driving court hearing. At your first hearing, the Attorney can ask that the bond conditions be modified. This normally happens when the bond conditions are interfering with your employment, your health, or are too costly. For example, daily preliminary breath tests could be changed to random testing, saving you time and money.

Inspect The Evidence

The Michigan Court Rules describe what evidence the Prosecutor must disclose to you in a St Ignace drunk driving case. Mackinaw County Police reports, pictures, witness statements, breath test results, medical records, crime lab reports, are examples of what must be disclosed by the Mackinaw County Prosecutor. This includes evidence that might exonerate you, or tend to show you are not guilty. For example, if you are charged with Operating While Intoxicated, and Mackinaw County Sheriff’s Department has a video showing someone else was driving, it must be turned over to you. Obtaining all the evidence – good and bad – is essential to building your best St Ignace drunk driving defense.

Build Your St Ignace Drunk Driving Defenses

After reviewing the evidence, you need to decide the strongest defense in your St Ignace drunk driving – OWI case. For example, can it be proven that you were the driver of the vehicle? How strong is the evidence that your blood alcohol content was above the legal limit while driving? Was the datamaster device properly calibrated? Did the datamaster machine give you an “error” reading? How long after driving did the police contact you? Were your statement made voluntarily or coerced? If you were not driving, do you have a credible alibi witness? If there was a search of property, did the Mackinaw County Sheriff;s Department have a valid search warrant? Every St Ignace drunk driving case has defenses that Attorney Patrick Fragel uses to protect your rights.

File Timely Motions

The Defenses you identify lead to Pre-trial motions being filed in the Mackinaw County Drunk Driving case. For example, a Motion to Suppress blood alcohol tests can be filed if the Police did not obtain a search warrant before drawing your blood. If the Court agrees, then the blood-alcohol test results (BAC) will be excluded from evidence, thus weakening the Prosecutor’s case. In a Mackinaw drunk driving case, Defendants must provide the Prosecutor timely Notice of an Alibi Defense MCL 768.20, if they are claiming they were not at the scene. As a seasoned drunk driving defense attorney, Patrick Fragel will identify the best pre-trial motions for your case.

Prepare For The Pre-Trial Conference

During the pre-trial conference for your St Ignace drunk driving case, Attorney Fragel and the Mackinaw County Prosecutor review the evidence in your case. It is then decided whether to set the case for trial, enter a plea-bargain, or dismiss the charges. If you have studied the evidence, and sharpened your defenses, then you are ready for a successful pre-trial conference.

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