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Defending weapons charges in Michigan requires an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Patrick S. Fragel brings over 20 years of criminal defense experience to your case.   Our approach is to design an trial strategy that leads to the best outcome possible for charges such as CCW or Felony Firearm.  We design a strategy to fight the weapons charges at trial, while also spotting ways to minimize the sentence and others consequences from the weapons charge.

Lawyer for Felony Weapons Charges

Contact our law firm for aggressive defense against all weapons charges.  Patrick Fragel has experience defending all types of weapons charges throughout the Traverse City, Upper Peninsula and surrounding counties.  These charges include:

Many crimes involve the use of a weapon.   If convicted, you could face a mandatory prison sentence because a weapon was involved.  For example, a Felony Firearm conviction results in a mandatory 2-year prison sentence.   That’s why it’s so critical to pick and experienced criminal defense lawyer who will zealously defend against the weapons charges abiding by Michigan firearm law.

There are other less serious firearm charges, such as careless discharge of a firearm, brandishing a firearm in public, or reckless use of a firearm.  While you won’t face prison time for misdemeanor charges such as these, your right to carry a pistol or other firearm could be revoked.  It is critical that you contact a firearms lawyer in Michigan to determine the effect of a firearm conviction on your right to carry a pistol or use a firearm.

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With 20 years of experience as a Traverse City Criminal Defense Lawyer, Attorney Fragel knows how to minimize the impact of firearm conviction on your life. If you are the focus of a criminal investigation, call us immediately and we will design a strategy to defend against the weapons charges today.  Contact Us Today

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