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Michigan Criminal Defense Lawyer Patrick S. Fragel is qualified to defend you on all assault charges. Unknown to many people, Michigan has its own “stand your ground” law which allows a person to use reasonable force to defend himself. Patrick Fragel will evaluate all defenses to your assault charges, and build a solid strategy. With nearly 20 years experience, Attorney Fragel knows how to defend you when facing an assault charge.

Assault Charges Have Common Elements

All Assault charges in Michigan have two common elements. First, the Prosecutor must prove that a “battery” occurred. A battery is a forceful, violent, or offensive touching of the person or something closely connected with the person according to the Michigan Jury Instructions. The touching must have been intended by the defendant, that is, not accidental, and it must have been against victim’s will; a non-consensual touching. There is no need for an injury.  The second element to every assault is intent. The Defendant must have intended to touch the other person, or to make them reasonably fearful of an immediate battery.

Common Assault Charges In Michigan

As a Michigan Criminal Defense Lawyer, Patrick Fragel has experience handling the common assault charges listed below. Murder, Criminal Sexual Conduct, Kidnapping and other serious felonies are considered assaultive crimes as well as those listed below. If you are charged with assault, contact Patrick S. Fragel to design a specific defense strategy.

Common Assault charges include:

  • Simple Assault or Assault and Battery
  • Resisting and Obstructing a Police Officer
  • Domestic Assault/Domestic Violence
  • Aggravated assault requires either a serious injury, or a need for immediate medical attention.
  • Assault with a Dangerous Weapon aka Felonious Assault
  • Assault with intent to Commit Murder
  • Assault with intent to do great bodily harm requires less than murder
  • Assault with intent to Maim
  • Assault with intent to Rob or Steal

Assault Charges – Michigan’s Stand Your Ground Law

Michigan assault charges can be defended by asserting self-defense. There is a Michigan Self-Defense statute (MCL 750.951) and jury instruction (CJI2d 7,15 et seq,) which protect a defendant’s right to self-defense. In many cases, there’s no legal duty to retreat from an attacker — at home or out in public.

Once self-defense is raised, the Court will instruct the jury to judge the defendant’s conduct according to how the circumstances appeared to the Defendant at the time he acted.

At the time of the incident, the defendant must have believed that he was in danger of being killed, seriously injured or sexually assaulted . If the defendant’s belief was honest and reasonable, he could act immediately to defend himself, even if it turned out later that he was wrong about how much danger he was in. In deciding if the defendant’s belief was honest and reasonable, the Jury will consider all the circumstances as they appeared to the defendant at the time.

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