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Criminal Sexual Conduct charges of any kind need immediate attention from an Michigan sexual assault lawyer.  CSC charges carry harsh prison sentences, and lifelong consequences for you job, family life and educational opportunities.  Michigan Criminal Sexual Conduct charges consist of the following:

  • Criminal Sexual Conduct 1st Degree
  • Criminal Sexual Conduct 2nd Degree
  • Criminal Sexual Conduct 3rd Degree
  • Criminal Sexual Conduct 4th Degree

Each of the CSC charges carry a potential prison sentence ranging from 2 years, up to a mandatory minimum of 25 years for CSC 1st degree.  These are life-changing penalties, and you need a talented and aggressive criminal sexual conduct lawyer on your side.

Hire a Proven Sex Crime Lawyer in Michigan

With years of experience defending Michigan Criminal Sexual Conduct charges, we craft an aggressive strategy for your sexual assault case. Our firm has successfully suppressed incriminating confessions, and obtained “not guilty” verdicts in CSC 1st cases. We have had successful polygraph examination results.  We recently had a CSC 3rd case dismissed through the Holmes Youthful Trainee Act.  We are not an average firm.  We have mastered the rules of evidence, the CSC laws, and we set out to obtain the best result possible for our sexual assault clients.  We firmly believe in the presumption of innocence.  You will not be pressured into a plea agreement with our criminal sexual assault lawyers.

Best Defense for a Criminal Sexual Conduct Charge in Michigan 

Our Michigan Criminal Sexual Conduct Lawyer will prepare the best defense to your sexual assault charges. We have worked with a wide range of evidence, including DNA results, polygraph experts, MSP forensic interviews, MSP Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner [SANE] kits, sex offender evaluations and complex medical records.  But we don’t stop at here. We use the tools to build the best defense possible for your case.

Sexual Assault – Private Investigators

We listen to our criminal sexual assault clients, and investigate their version of events.  Many Michigan criminal sexual conduct charges are the product of false accusations.   Oftentimes, law enforcement overlooks key evidence that advances your defense, and leads to a dismissal.  With the help of professional investigators, we develop testimony and physical evidence that changes the direction of your case from a conviction to an acquittal.     Our criminal sexual assault lawyers use investigator’s findings to help build a defense, and avoid a conviction.

Our criminal defense lawyers know your reputation and freedom hinges on obtaining an acquittal or dismissal of the sexual assault charges.  We keep you informed during every phase of your case.   In the end, you make an informed choice at each and every phase of your case, based on the expert guidance of a successful criminal defense lawyer.
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