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Conviction for a theft crime causes a lifetime of adverse consequences.  Conviction for a theft crime can destroy a person’s reputation in society.  Even when found not guilty, an innocent person’s life can be changed forever.  Top theft defense attorney Patrick Fragel will design a legal defense to get you the best outcome.

If you or a loved one are being investigated or charged with a theft crime,  you need legal counsel immediately. Your statements to the police will be used against you.  What you say will become part of the evidence used to convict you.  A highly competent criminal defense attorney will advice you before, during and after any contact with the police.  It is crucial to hire an attorney once you are suspected of a theft crime.

An experienced criminal defense attorney know how to prepare the best defense to a theft crime.  Interviewing witnesses, inspecting evidence and challenging forensic tests are often part of the theft crime defense strategy.  These measures often occur early in the case, and the best fraud lawyers can help avoid a conviction.

Serious Theft Crimes Can Lead to a Prison Sentence: 

Polygraph Option

Someone accused of a theft crime can request a polygraph examination or lie detector test.  If you pass the polygraph test, then law enforcement will consider dismissing the charges. In many theft cases, the facts point to two or more potential suspects.  In this situation, a polygraph examination is a reliable way of eliminating you as a suspect in the crime.  Contact a theft crime attorney before you take the test, as it is a complex investigative tool.  Expert preparation for the polygraph examination is crucial and will deliver the best outcome possible for you or your loved one.

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With 20 years of experience as a Traverse City Criminal Defense Lawyer and Former Prosecuting Attorney, Patrick S. Fragel knows how to minimize the impact of criminal charges on you and your family. If you are the focus of a criminal investigation, call us immediately. We will design a criminal defense strategy that protects your freedom.  Contact Us Today.

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