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When a respondent has received a deportation order from the Immigration Judge, you need a deportation lawyer to determine if an appeal can be filed. Since there are strict deadlines to file an appeal, you must get help once you receive the deportation decision from the Immigration Court.

Motion to Reopen: A deportation lawyer can file a motion to reopen a removal case. Often times the deportation lawyer can spot errors in the court procedure or immigration law that justify reopening the case. If the respondent intends to make that argument, his or her motion must be filed no later than 30 days after the hearing.

Submitting “New Evidence”: A deportation lawyer can file a motion to reopen when he discovers new evidence that was unknown or unavailable at the time of the earlier hearing. The new evidence must be significant, such that if the evidence had been offered at the earlier hearing, it may have lead to a different outcome.

The deportation lawyer filing the motion for removal must have document the new evidence at the time of filing the Motion to Reopen. If a Motion to Reopen is filed based on newly discovered evidence, the general time limitation is within 90 days of the hearing. A deportation lawyer can file a Motion to Reopen after 90 days if the new evidence is compelling.

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When a person is served a Notice to Appear, and the Department of Homeland Security is seeking their removal or deportation, a Deportation Lawyer can help build the best defense possible.

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