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MASTER CALENDAR HEARING: After receiving the Notice to Appear (NTA) for a deportation and removal hearing, you see the immigration judge at a Master Calendar Hearing. At this hearing:

  • the court will advise the respondent of the accusations against him.
  • the basis upon which the prosecutor is relying in seeking deportation and removal.
  • The judge will inform the respondent of their rights.
  • Set a time within which the respondent can find a lawyer for the deportation and removal hearing.
  • the Respondent must tell the Judge if they are going to contest the deportation and removal proceeding.
  • If the Respondent contests the removal proceeding, an individual hearing will be scheduled.

INDIVIDUAL DEPORTATION HEARING: People contesting a deportation and removal case must :

  • Challenge the legal basis for their deportation and/or,
  • Seek relief from removal.

The individual hearing gives is your chance to have your attorney present witnesses and evidence to persuade the Judge to give you relief from deportation and removal, or deny the petition for deportation. This is the most critical stage of the deportation and removal proceeding. If you prevail at the individual hearing, you will not be deported.

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