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EmbezzlementSolid Defense for Embezzlement Charges in Michigan

Embezzlement charges require an aggressive criminal defense lawyer. An embezzlement conviction inevitably damages one’s reputation for trustworthiness and can forever limit career opportunities. There are many defenses to an embezzlement charge, but you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer to build your case. To beat an embezzlement charge, you need a lawyer who will investigate the charges and aggressively pursue your defenses.

What Is Embezzlement in Michigan

There are several types of embezzlement charges in Michigan, each one is based on a relationship between the defendant and the property owner. Each form of embezzlement requires proof that a trust relationship existed between the Defendant and the property owner. The property embezzled must have been acquired through the trust relationship. One example is a bank manager who acquires cash in the course of his employment, but intentionally converts it to his own use.

Types of embezzlement charges include:

  • Embezzlement from by an agent or trustee
  • Embezzlement by a public official
  • Embezzlement from a financial institution
  • Embezzlement from a non-profit corporation or charitable organization
  • Embezzlement from a vulnerable adult
  • Embezzlement by administrator, executor, or guardian

Penalties for Embezzlement in Michigan

The penalty for an embezzlement conviction depends on who the property was taken from, the value of the property, and the defendant’s prior record. For example, embezzlement under $200 from an employer may result in a misdemeanor conviction. Embezzlement from a vulnerable adult can land a person in prison for up to 20 years. Under either case, an embezzlement conviction will irreparably damage a person’s reputation, and should be avoided. When you retain our office, we calculate the estimated sentence based on the type of embezzlement charges your are facing.

If you are facing breaking an embezzlement charge, call us at today. We have successfully defended hundreds of cases in Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula since 1993.

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