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patrick fragelAs a Traverse City criminal defense lawyer serving clients throughout Michigan, Patrick S. Fragel serves people facing difficulties such as drug and alcohol charges, assaults, traffic offenses, juvenile crimes, manslaughter, and white collar crimes. Attorney Fragel assists you before, during, and after your case. As a client, you are always welcome to discuss the nature of your charges, as well as our criminal defense strategy. Put our knowledge and skill to work for you. With over 25 years of experience and recognized as a leading defense lawyer in Michigan, no case is too tough for Attorney Fragel.

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Types of Cases We Handle

At Patrick S. Fragel, Attorney at Law, P.C., we assist clients who have been accused of serious misdemeanors and felonies.

Attorney Fragel has extensive experience handling the following criminal matters:

Put Our Decades of Experience on Your Side

Once the police accuse you of committing a crime, criminal charges soon follow. You need a criminal defense lawyer who understands the charges you are facing. Before you talk with the police, you should always consult with an attorney first. What you say to the police will be used to strengthen the criminal charges, not exonerate you.

The police interview suspects to obtain evidence to support the criminal charges. What you say will be used by law enforcement to build a criminal case. By consulting with Attorney Fragel before you talk with law enforcement, you may completely avoid facing criminal charges. Attorney Fragel’s background in Michigan criminal law, including his past experience as a prosecutor, can assist you on key aspects of the case.

Depending on the nature of your case and the various circumstances involved, we may employ any of the following tactics:

  • Arranging a polygraph exam to establish your innocence
  • Interviewing the police witnesses
  • Inspecting the evidence gathered
  • Advising you on the legality of search warrants and your right to remain silent
  • Conducting a private investigation to build your defense
  • Obtaining independent medical and scientific testing
  • Explaining your version of events to the police, without the risk of self-incrimination

These are the steps law enforcement uses to prove your guilt. You are entitled to have a consultation with a criminal defense lawyer at each step of the criminal procedure.

With more than 25 years of trial experience, Attorney Fragel knows how to minimize the impact of criminal charges on you and your family. If you are the focus of a criminal investigation, contact us immediately for a consultation with an honest, experienced criminal defense attorney in Traverse City. It is possible to design a criminal defense strategy that protects your freedom—without ever having to go to Court.

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Case Results

Fighting Aggressively for Our Clients
  • 1st Degree CSC Not Guilty
  • 3rd Degree CSC Case Dismissed
  • Breaking and Entering Not Guilty
  • Confession Suppressed Not Guilty
  • Drunk Driving 3rd Case Dismissed
  • Felony Drug Charges Case Dismissed
  • Drunk Driving 2nd Full Acquittal
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  • Martindale Hubbell Preeminent
  • National College for DUI Defense

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