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How Will a Drug Conviction Effect My Life?

Housing is top on the list as a basic human need and every person deserves this basic need despite committing a crime.

However, it being that essential, having a drug crime conviction can deny you the opportunity of a home loan. A federal drug conviction can disqualify you from receiving a loan. The Michigan criminal drug crime attorneys will do everything in their power to clear your name from the records.

If you are caught in a drug crime; whether it’s the first time or being convicted after several occasions, you might receive a fine at the court and probably be discharged or be jailed for a short period.

This will depend on if it’s a misdemeanor or a felony offense at the state level. Facilities provided by Traverse City Drug Crime Attorney can be of great help in bringing back your privileges.

Some felony offenses are:

• Drug trafficking: depends on the weight of the substance
• Drug distribution: supplying a controlled substance
• Drug possession: if the substance is found in a place you have control over, you can be charged for possession. For example, in your car or home
• Drug Cultivating: nurturing substances even in small amounts for your use can also be charged as a crime.


It is the right of every employee to do a background check before employing. An employee should not lie about his or her criminal records because it can result in the termination of employment and also the denial of benefits.

It is a flaw to have a criminal record that stays in records for years, thus affecting your employment opportunities. A criminal record should not stop you from applying for jobs as not all employees will deny you the opportunity because of your criminal record.

A felony conviction can be removed from the records after five years with the help of Traverse City criminal attorneys, so there is the hope of getting employed again. Records can be legally hidden from the public as follows:

• The required five years period have passed
• The courts have issued a dismissal
• File a petition in court
• Get a hearing date and pay for the filing fee
• Inform the district attorney’s office


Landlords have a right to do a background check on who they are renting the house to. They don’t want to deal with people who are coming from jail and worse if the person is involved with drugs. However, some landlords believe in transformation and would give a drug convict a chance.

State Student Aid Denied

As you submit your application to a state college or university, truthfulness is required of you. For a person ever been sentenced because of drugs, a drug crime conviction record and the government can’t offer a loan to someone with a criminal record.
For a private student with a drug criminal record, in case the application for a loan is granted, the rate will be much higher than usual.

A drug criminal record can follow you for the rest of your life unless your drug conviction has been sealed, overturned, or expunged. While doing drugs begins like something not serious to worry about, probably being done for fun, or even for money; it can turn out to be damaging in the future when you are being denied important services like loans are because of a drug record in the books.

However, continuing to participate in drug-related activities is what will ruin your life. With the help of a criminal defense attorney Michigan, the situation can change, and you will be able to pick up your broken pieces once again and aim for your success. Patrick S. Fragel is a Traverse drug crime lawyer who will help you.