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Do’s & Don’ts of OWIs

OWIs can happen to anyone. While everyone knows it is not acceptable to drink and drive, OWIs still happen very frequently. One moment you’re out with friends, having a good time, and the next you’re being pulled over on suspicion of a OWI. Your mind might begin to race. What should you do? What shouldn’t you do? Can you do anything to make this encounter with the police as easy as possible for yourself?

5 Do’s of OWIs

1. Do pull over quickly and safely. As soon as you see the lights flashing behind you, pull over to the side of the road. Park your vehicle and turn off the engine. Place your hands on the wheel. Try to breathe and keep yourself calm.

2. Always treat the officer politely. Acting aggressively may cause more trouble. Keep your cool and remain calm.

3. Remember that you can stay silent. Your 5th Amendment right allows you to keep silent and not incriminate yourself. Answer appropriate questions that don’t give too much information.

4. Write down everything when you have an opportunity to do so. Your Michigan OWI lawyer will want to know all of the details, including the names of witnesses, to make the best case for you.

5. Hire a great criminal defense attorney. Patrick Fragel Attorney at Law PC is the most experienced and reliable attorney who will help you get the best outcome in your OWI case.

5 Don’ts of OWIs

1. Don’t try to escape. You may feel extremely frightened, but you cannot elude the police.

2. Don’t become aggressive in any way. The police will not take it easy on you if you become aggressive or give them attitude.

3. Don’t act suspiciously. Making sudden movements or becoming agitated will make the police suspicious of you.

4. Don’t lie. Remember that you do not have to talk, but don’t lie if you must.

5. Don’t refuse to take a chemical test at the police station. Refusing may result in automatic incrimination.