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3 Ways to Fight Drug Possession Charges

If the prosecutor charges with you drug possession, you might think that all hope is lost. This isn’t necessarily the case. Drug possession lawyer Patrick Fragel Attorney at Law PC and his legal team help clients fight drug possession charges every day. Here are three ways to fight drug possession charges in Michigan:

  1. Constitutional defenses
    The police can’t stop and search you without a lawful reason. Unfortunately, sometimes the police forget this constitutional limitation and they search you, your property or your vehicle without a warrant and without an exception to the warrant requirement. When this happens, you can file a motion with the court to ask them to throw out the evidence against you. The court’s don’t want to reward police for their bad behavior, and that can work to your favor.
  2. Possession defenses
    The next way to defend a charge of possession is by questioning whether you’re actually in possession of the drugs. To possess drugs, they have to be in your dominion and control. The police can’t blame everyone in the car when there are drugs found behind one seat and you didn’t know a thing about it. In addition, if someone places the drugs on you, you can explain to the jury that you didn’t know you were in possession of the drugs.
  3. Identification and chain of evidence questions
    When the police conduct a drug investigation, they need to take careful steps to preserve the evidence. They need to be able to account for what happens to the evidence between the investigation and the trial. Too often, the police are sloppy in their work. If they can’t say how they kept the drugs or if they don’t test the drugs, you may have valid defenses.

Working Together For You

Patrick Fragel Attorney at Law PC is a Michigan criminal defense attorney with years of experience helping good people fight drug charges. Even if you think there’s nothing you can do, you may be surprised to learn what defenses might apply in your case. Contract Patrick today to talk about your case.