Key Reasons to File Chapter 13

Filing Chapter 13 Protects Your Home, Vehicles, and Income

When you file Chapter 13, you get all the benefits of filing Chapter 7, but there are little known advantages that save you money and protect your vehicles and real estate. Unlike Chapter 7, many people “rewrite” contracts for vehicles, mobile homes, and business equipment.

Discharge a Second Mortgage

Many people who file Chapter 13 can discharge their second mortgage when the case is finished. If your first mortgage balance is higher than the value of your home, then the second mortgage can be discharged in Chapter 13. By eliminating the second mortgage payment, it is possible for many Debtors to keep their home instead of losing it to foreclosure.

While the Chapter 13 plan requires a 36 – 60-month commitment, the financial benefit is worth it. For a detailed analysis of how a Chapter 13 can help you, contact Attorney Fragel for a free consultation.

Reasons for Filing Chapter 13

  • Mortgage payments can be brought current when you file a Chapter 13 plan.
  • Stop foreclosure sales (Sheriff’s Sale) and get caught up while in Chapter 13
  • Cancel Second Mortgages – equity loans in many Chapter 13 plans.
  • Vehicle and mobile home payments may be lowered when you file Chapter 13.
  • If your income is too high for a Chapter 7, you can file Chapter 13.
  • If you own too much equity, you can still file Chapter 13.
  • Payback state and federal taxes without penalties in your Chapter 13 plan.

Contact Us to File Chapter 13

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