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How to File for Bankruptcy in Michigan?

Credit Counseling

filing a bankruptcyA “pre-filing” credit counseling course is required in order to qualify for a Discharge of your debts. The course is available online at for $25. You must finish an approved credit counseling course before filing bankruptcy, or your case will be dismissed.

The course is strictly educational and does not affect the outcome of your case. It is completely independent of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court.

Debtor’s Education

After filing bankruptcy, you must complete a second online course called “Debtor’s Education”. This is a two hour course designed to refresh your memory about proper budgeting, and how to avoid the credit card trap. We recommend 50-30-20 as it is the most informative and costs only $15 per person.

You cannot “fail” the course. But, you must finish it in order to get a Discharge of your debts.

Free Credit Report

Before filing your case, we obtain a credit report for you, free of charge. This is extremely helpful in identifying creditors, lawsuits and tax liens you may not be aware of. is a valuable tool to help you gather all your creditors before filing bankruptcy.

Instead of paying $10, $20, or even $50 for a credit report, is absolutely free. Be sure to check your report before filing bankruptcy.

The credit report, combined with the bills you have collected ensures all of your creditors are Discharged in the bankruptcy process.

Creditor’s Meeting

You Must Attend to Get Your Debts Discharged

The meeting is with your attorney, the creditor’s attorney (the Trustee), and any creditors with questions concerning your case. There is no Judge present. You are seated at a conference table. The hearing takes less than 10 minutes. So, don’t fret about “going to Court” because you are going to a “meeting”. Knowing this should remove one of the most stressful parts of the bankruptcy process.

Purpose of the 341 Meeting

After filing bankruptcy, you must attend one hearing. The purpose of the meeting is to ensure that you fairly and honestly represented your assets, income and debts in your case. The TRUSTEE, who administers your case, can ask you questions, under oath, about your finances and property.

Creditors may also ask you questions. It’s strictly a fact-finding meeting. You will not be asked to justify filing bankruptcy.

You will not be required to surrender property, such as cars, jewelry, bank savings or 401K’s. Our firm ensures that such assets are protected before your case is filed.

Creditor Attendance Is Unlikely
Creditors are given notice of the meeting, but usually don’t go in cases filed by individuals. Meeting attendance isn’t required if a creditor wants to object to a Chapter 7 discharge or a Chapter 13 payment plan.

What Happens during the Meeting?

There’s no judge. Meetings generally take 15 minutes or less, and are recorded by a court reporter or on tape. Since filing bankruptcy stops the creditors from collecting, they rarely have a reason to attend the meeting.

The trustee places you under oath, and may ask you questions. The meeting is mostly a chance for the trustee to verify your information and find out if anything is missing from the paperwork. You may ask the trustee any questions you want at any time.

Typical Questions Asked

Typical questions a trustee may ask include:

  • Your name, address and social security number
  • Whether your bankruptcy petition and schedules are correct
  • How you valued property listed in your petition
  • Whether there have been significant changes in your situation since your filing date

If you filed a Chapter 13 case, the trustee may repeat the plan provisions in very general terms to make sure everyone understands your proposed plan.

If there are any creditors present, they get a chance to ask you questions about your property and finances.

You should be prepared to answer questions about why you are filing bankruptcy. Be sure to ask questions about anything you do not understand.


Unlimited Support

We thrive on customer service by using these features:

  • A designated paralegal to assist you in your case preparation.
  • Unlimited telephone and email support.
  • Easy to read Bankruptcy forms.
  • Free postage and a pre-addressed envelope to your U.S. Bankruptcy Court.
  • A narrative on “how-to” get ready for your Meeting of Creditors.
  • Guaranteed Discharge of your debts or you receive a full refund.
  • You don’t have to wait for the mail. We provide you an “up-to-the-minute” case status when you need to know.
  • Having practiced for over 15 years, you can rest assured we have mastered every angle of consumer bankruptcy law. You can count on our expertise to assist you in the preparation of your case.

When you retain our office for filing bankruptcy, you are given generous support throughout the process. Contact us today to be greeted by a caring paralegal to assist in preparing your case.

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