Traverse City Client Reviews

Patrick S. Fragel has achieved a “distinguished” rating for ethical practices and legal knowledge from the Martindale-Hubbell independent lawyer rating service.

Our Traverse City Client Reviews…..

I hired Patrick’s office when I was charged with a felony and he got the charges thrown out! I would have been deported if convicted. The entire process was terrifying and confusing to me. I was not guilty but my first attorney would not listen to me. Patrick took the time to get an interpreter for my witnesses. He studied the medical records to prove the allegations were false. A few weeks before my trial the case was dismissed!No convict and not deported and my bond money was returned to me. Even now that case is closed, Patrick is helping me get my life back together now that charges are dropped. Patrick will work to protect you when the stakes are high!

- Hamed Legared

“The Chapter 7 stopped my wage garnishment in one day. Better yet he got back $1400 from the creditor. That was enough to catch up my mortgage and get school cloths. Bankruptcy was a hard choice, but I have my paycheck back, and can answer my phone again.”

- Bankruptcy Client 2011

“Without my husband’s truck, we would’ve been out of business. Attorney Fragel carefully explained how to keep our truck AND lower the payments. Our Chapter 13 case was well prepared. Our stress was gone. Thanks Robyn and Patrick.”

- Chapter 13 Client 2012

Handled my bankruptcy in a timely, professional manner. I had his undivided attention and my court appearence with through without a hitch. He was always available to answer my questions. And his advice was always accurate.”

- Bankruptcy Client 2012

Patrick Fragel is a 5 star lawyer!!! I went to spend weekend up north and ended up with a drunk driving ticket. It’s not the first or second time I had been in trouble. I was completely panicked and in an INCREDIBLE amount of trouble. I was so freaked out about what I had read on-line about a 3rd conviction and expected the worst case scenario!! I searched for a lawyer in the area where I was in trouble and found Fragel. I was able to immediately get in contact with him. He treated my case like it was an emergency that needed immediate attention. I of course thought this is how all lawyers act until they get your money, but was over the top pleased to find out that he is simply a great attorney!!! He dug deep and found a way to get me my life back. And if anyone reading this has been in a situation like mine than you will understand how very important it is to get this kind of Defense. My only advise if you do decide to use him, is to sit back and listen to what he and his assistant Robyn have to say. Let them do there job and I bet you will come out with the best scenario you can get. I hope that I’ll never need him again. But I did learn over the years that there is a difference between average and above average. It was stupid to put myself in another bad situation but I’m obviously very happy I got lucky with an above average lawyer!!!!!!!!!!!! ”

- Rayhmond O. 2014

“Being from out of state and getting a major ticket in Michigan was nerve racking. But Patrick Fragel was able to put me at ease with his confidence, knowledge and experience. Patrick and his staff made it easy for someone like myself not well versed in terms of the legal system to understand. I would recommend Patrick Fragel to anyone in need of a good attorney.”

- Shehzadi M. 2013

“I’ve had many lawyers in the past 10 years that attempted to handle my very contentious case. However, Patrick Fragel is the first lawyer I’ve ever had that has 110% advocated for me in my case. Never ever have I been more impressed! He is very knowledgeable, experienced, friendly and more than anything not about money first but rather actually cares about what he’s fighting for in a case. A very rare quality indeed in lawyers! He is always willing to work within our budget. We have used him for several issues that arose and we have referred our family and friends to him and will continue to do so.”

- Carrie D. 2014

“Patrick was absolutely indispensable in his knowledge, professionalism, and conduct throughout my experience with his law practice. Both Robyn and him were continuously available to answer my seemingly endless barrage of questions and did so without making me feel like I was a bother. Should any of my family or friends need the expertise of a lawyer in the future, I would highly recommend Patrick.”

- Lauren W. 2013

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